Your personal organiser app.

A clean and uncluttered to-do list app with all the features you need to plan your day.

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Built to meet your needs and be there when you need to jot something down quickly.


Designed with productivity and focus in mind, Reminders will help you get the most out of your day.


Manage your lists, filters, tasks and alerts with intuiative gestures.

With Reminders app in your pocket, you can create lists effortlessly. Add alerts, priorities and flag the most important items. With the build in filters you can see what is most important and get things done.

Clean, clear and at your finger tips.

Reminders removes the clutter and lets you focus on what you need to do and organise your day. Use Reminders to plan your schedule, projects, vacation and daily chores.

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Never forget with built in notifications and alarms.

Reminders allows simple one-time alerts to complex recurring. Choose between notifications or alarms depending upon your needs.

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Plan your busy schedule with build in filters and calendar view.

Filters allow you to focus on a subset of your tasks. From today's tasks to those flagged for later. Reminders is ready to help.

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Get things done!

Stop searching for your personal organiser. You've found it 🎉

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