Reminders Premium

What's included?

  • Unlimited everything - Go crazy, create as many lists, tasks and tags as you like 😎.
  • Automatic cloud backup - don't worry about your data, it's encrypted, it's backed up and it's safe and sound.
  • Home screen widgets - Interact with Reminders quickly and easily from your home screen.
  • Custom filters - Build your own filtered lists based on your criteria.
  • Backup and restore - want to stay in control of your backups? Use the Backup/Restore option in Settings.
  • Tags - Tag your reminders. Create filters based on tags.
  • Support - Got a question, just ask.

If you have any issues please contact us at

  1. Open Reminders main menu.
  2. Click Upgrade to Premium.
  3. Click Sign in and select your Google account. If this is successful you will see your email address below the sign in button.
  4. Choose your plan and follow the Google prompts for payment. If this is successful the close button will become active.
  5. Click close and enjoy the new features :)

After clicking a payment plan button and paying for it your device must communicate with the Reminders server to apply the upgrade to your account. If this fails the "Close" button will not become active. Don't worry, we just need to retry.

  1. Close the upgrade flow by clicking your back button.
  2. Go to Reminders main menu
  3. Click Upgrade to Premium.
  4. Click Sign in and select the same Google account. If this is successful you will see your email address below the sign in button.
  5. Reminders will see you have a purchase pending and will ask you to retry. Click "Retry". If this is successful the close button will become active.
  6. Click close and enjoy the new features :)

The widget can display almost all lists viewable in Reminders. To change it tap the list icon (top left).

Register on Android device

The widget can be resized to meet your needs:

  1. Tap and hold the widget.
  2. Release the widget. You will see the white drag handles.
  3. Use the drag handles to resize.
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Custom filters are a way to view what's important to you. Custom filters use your criteria to filter items from your lists. For example: all non-completed reminders with high priority that are due in the next 7 days.

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Reminders has a built in backup/restore function available in settings. This is useful when moving to a new phone. When you tap backup Reminders creates a reminderss_backup.json file in your /Download directory.

  1. Tap backup.
  2. Email the backup file to yourself.
  3. Open the email on your new device and download the reminders_backup.json file.
  4. Open Reminders and tap restore.
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By default when closing Reminders. You can force a sync at any time by using pull to refresh.

By default Reminders will sync on any available data connection. To sync in the background on WiFi only enable the setting. Note: pull down to refresh will still use any available data connection, but prefer WiFi.

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Subscriptions are handled by Google. Therefore, we need to change your subscription type:

  1. Cancel your subscription via the Google PlayStore app.
  2. Wait for your current month to complete. Reminders will notify you when your subscription has expired. Don't worry your data will not be lost. Simply use the same Google account for seamless migration.
  3. Use the Upgrade to Premium menu option and select your new payment options when setting up a new subscription.

To sync your data Reminders requires a data connection. Some VPN or ad blocking apps can block data connections so check these and ensure Reminders is on their whitelists. To check your connection with Reminders server:

  1. Open Reminders Settings from the main side menu.
  2. Scroll to build (bottom).
  3. Click the DEBUG INFO button.
  4. Click PROBE. You should see a "Probe success" message if there are no problems

Open Reminders -> Settings and click Delete account. This will permanently delete all data on the cloud and cannot be undone. Note: this will not cancel your subscription, this must be done through the Google PlayStore app.

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