Getting Started

Thank you for choosing Reminders. Let me help you understand the main features so you can get the most from Reminders.

Tap the menu button and select "New List". Give your new list a name and slect your favourite colour. When you're happy, tap "Save".

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Tap the + button. Give your new task a title. All other fields are optional. Tap the save button (bottom right). Alternatively you can use quick add (bottom of your screen) if you don't need any of the extra task details.

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Reminders allows you to sort your items by dragging and dropping. Simply tap and hold an item, then drag vertically to the desired position.

Note: you cannot drag and drop completed tasks or whilst using the search feature.

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Swipe left on a list item to uncover quick actions. From here tap the desired option or swipe back to hide the quick actions.

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In the main menu you will have seen some default filtered lists: Today, All, Starred, Calendar. There are special lists that display a sub set of your tasks. For example the Today list will show any tasks with a due date of today. These special lists can be disabled in settings.

Trash, when you delete a reminder it will be moved to your Trash list. If you accidentally deleted an item you can move it back using the quick actions.

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At Reminders we believe user data is just that and belongs to you. Therefore, unlike big tech companies we do not take your data without permission. You have two options to backup your data. There is an automatic cloud backup included with Premium.

Alternatively if you don't like using the cloud for whatever reason there is a manual Backup/Bestore option in settings.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo da Vinci